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Stockton Home Roofing has been a family owned business for over 50 years, dedicated to serving our customers with the highest quality service. We have a 10 year labor and workmanship warranty on every re-roof and are fully licensed, bonded and insured. The business is based in Stockton and will do business to San Francisco to Lake Tahoe and up the greater San Joaquin Valley. We are certified installers for varied manufacturers. We are looking forward to dedicating ourselves to your roofing needs.

Don't hesitate to call Stockton Home Roofing Inc. when you need affordable and dependable Stockton roofers. We take great pride in our attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction. We serve a 50 mile radius around the greater Stockton area.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Licensed C39 Contractor

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Services Offered:

  • Roofing
  • Installation & Repairs
  • New Construction
  • Gutters & Sheet Metal
  • Siding & Water Proofing
  • Carpentry
Locating a Dependable Stockton Roofer

Our home’s roof is what protects us from all the elements. If you neglect a roof for too long you can cause serious damage to your home and all your possessions. Rain can leak under the shingles, further damaging the roof and the entire interior structure. If you ignore the problem, it will only end up costing you more later on. If you call a qualified Stockton Roofer as soon as you notice a problem you’ll actually be saving money by preventing further damage.

It can be costly to replace a roof no matter what materials you use. The actual roofing materials are only a small portion of the total cost of a new roof. The main expense will be for the services of a a Stockton Roofer. Roofing is a skilled trade that calls for knowledge in several areas including carpentry, house framing and math. Finding a Roofer is not difficult. It may, however take some time and effort on your part to find a reliable Stockton Roofer with the expertise you will trust.

How to Obtain a Bid from a Stockton Roofer

After compiling a list of roofing candidates you can request bids. More is not better when it come to the number of bids you request. Three or four is adequate. If your list of applican'ts is going to take forever to get through, a Roofer may withdraw his bid. After all, a reputable Roofer has a busy schedule too, so don’t waste your time or theirs as you may wind up losing the best Stockton Roofer for the job. Therefore, pick a few and select from those to begin the bidding process.

Be sure that when you get a bid it’s not a summary with a total price on it. You will need a detailed list of the job specifications and the cost for each, plus labor. Each Stockton Roofer will need a detailed list of what you want included in their bid and this will enable you to compare each one as they will include the same items. If one bid stands out because of a great difference, you’ll quickly see where that difference is.

The lowest bid is not one that you should necessarily jump at, nor is the highest a promise of better quality. A fair price and reliable work for it is what we all want. Always question a bid that is unusually low. A certain Roofer may have a variety of reasons for a low bid such as low overhead, fewer employees or a reduced rate on materials and can share those savings with their customers, but you need to be sure this is up front and honest.

Request a contract be drawn up once you have chosen the Stockton Roofer you’d like for the job.


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